Michael Roth (President, Wesleyan University)

Su Zheng (Professor, Wesleyan University

Mark Slobin’s Valedictory Graduate Seminar


Hankus Netsky (New England Conservatory of Music): “The Slobinization of Jewish Studies: a Pipedream”

Jeffrey Summit (Tufts University): “Reflections on Mentorship in Ethnomusicology”

Amanda Scherbenske (The New School): “Improvising at the Interculture: Voicing Agency, Fashioning Networks, and Navigating Constraints”

Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (New York University): “Cantors, Klezmer, and Singers: A Musical Friendship”


Marc Perlman (Brown University) “Musicologizing Improvisation: Or, How ‘Improvisation’ Became an Abstract Noun”

Zoe Sherinian (University of Oklahoma): “’You Have to Start with the Music’: The Slobin Legacy of Keeping Music in EthnoMUSICology”

Michael Veal (Yale University): “Playing the Changes”

Laxmi Tewari (Sonoma State University): “Wesleyan and the World Music Program”


Jorge Arévalo Mateus (Association for Cultural Equity; Center for Traditional Music and Dance): “Mark’s Metaphors: Visual Poetics, Pedagogy, and Theoretical Clarity”

Andrew Raffo Dewar (The University of Alabama): “ONCE Upon a Time: Mark Slobin’s Experimental Ethnomusicology”

Tim Eriksen: “Old Folks Singing In Utopia: How Antebellum Musical Antiquarianism and Calvinist Eschatology Gave Birth to Science Fiction on the Banks of the Connecticut”

Junko Oba (Hampshire College): “Remixing Saudade: Musica Sertaneja in NikkeyBrazilian Diaspora”

Ljerka Vidić Rasmussen (Tennessee State University): “From Baščaršija to Belle Meade: On Mentorship”


Judith Becker (University of Michigan): “The Nat Pwe, Burmese Spirit Veneration Rituals”

Ted Levin (Dartmouth College): “Conversations in Tashkent Redux”

William Malm (University of Michigan): “How Mark Slobin Became an Ethnomusicologist”

Bonnie Wade and Kay Shelemay, Video Greetings

Dan Slobin (University of California, Berkeley): “Growing Up With Mark”


Irish set: Stan Scott, Dora Hast, Matthew Allen

Yiddish set: Hankus Netsky, Amanda Miryem-Khaye Seigel, Matthew Stein (Wesleyan klezmer ensemble)

Zoe Sherinian and Aaron Paige joined by Suresh Thammuraj, Karthikeyan Deiveegarajan, and Arun Kalimuthu of the Connecticut-based group Maanudam Parai

Okon Hwang and the Eastern Connecticut State University Korean Samul ensemble, “Yeongnam Nong-ak (Farmers’ Music from the Southeastern Region)” arranged by Kim Deok-su, rearranged by Okon Hwang

Matthew Allen, Julie Searles, Paul Austerlitz, and David Nelson

David Fossum, Aaron Paige

Andrew Colwell

Tim Eriksen

Javanese Wayang Puppet Play: Arjuna in Meditation

Wesleyan Gamelan Ensemble under the direction of I. M. Harjito and Sumarsam (dhalang) with guest musicians.